Politics - Just the same old same old

In the UK we are getting to the end of the political conference season, with lots of people earnestly telling us their ideas for government which will be tossed aside as soon as the inconvenience of a poll can disposed of.

For me the problem is that I don’t want solutions as much as I want revenge.

Seriously, the people responsible for all bad decisions made, basically take no rap for the problems they cause. At worst they lose a place in parliament - but there is a gold plated pay off plan to allow them to rehabilitate (like prisoners) to the “real world”.  They’ll be able to hit the conference speech circuit, sit on a batch of boards where they can still use their connections into government to keep fiddling.

I frankly want the following:-

  • A row of gallows erected outside the houses of parliament
  • A periodic review of govermental minister (who this is done by is the real sticky point).
  • When a minister is found to be corrupt, incompetent, lying, stupid or guilty of smearing those they interact with, then that minister is executed

Of course this isn’t going to happen…

But for a government that about turned on much of their manifesto (think about the RIP act for example) in the first weeks of government, and hid the evidence (try and find the 1997 manifesto), frankly death is far too good for them.

I voted for the 1997 Labour government - I thought nothing could be worse than the then incumbent administration.  On that day back then I was happy they were in, however the gloss wore off so quickly.

Now with the evidence of snouts in the trough and utter contempt for the people they supposedly serve I am just sick.  I believe the pork produced by those snouts needs to be converted into sausages.   Its time for the servants to realise that they are servants and they are subject to the overall masters.

The relationship needs to change.

The honourable gentlemen aren’t honourable and often not gentlemen.